IOU: Rear View

A  soundscape, co-composed with Susie Green will be the backdrop for a new IOU theatre piece in May. ‘Rear View’ transports its audience around a city in a bespoke bus with the seats facing backwards to watch two performance poets. The show opens at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and will have 17 performances over 25th-28th May 2017 before moving on to 8 other festivals over the summer.

Radio Show in Prague


Post-akusmatické vlny #3

Great to see the post-acousmatic term Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Richard Scott and I recently wrote about is gaining traction! A link to a radio show featuring my work on Czeck Radio hosted by Michal Rataj broadcast on 17th Feb 2017 can be found here.


Essays on Roberto Gerhard

0450994_essays-on-roberto-gerhard_300A new book on the work of Roberto Gerhard, edited by Mike Russ and me is now out from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The book features contributions by Rachel E. Mitchell, Darren Sproston, Julian White, Belen Castillo, Gregorio Karman, Trevor Walshaw, Mike Russ and a co-authored chapter by Carlos Duque and me. Further information about the book is here

For Jana on EuroChannel

On January 14th at 10:15pm Argentina time, the videos and electroacoustic compositions from Gutenberg Galaxias will be broadcast on Eurochannel all over South America. Video by Jana Kluge with composers Monty Adkins, Danielle Arrigoni, Basilio del Boca, Gerardo Dirie, Beatriz Ferreyra, Christine Groult,  Jens Hedman, Elsa Justel, Judy Klein, Martin Laliberté, Mario Mary, José Mataloni, Daniel Teruggi and Horacio Vaggione